What to Pack

These days with airlines charging for baggage, you will want to keep your packing to a minimum.

Maui is an Island beach destination, and you will most certainly want to bring beachwear.

Maui’s weather varies throughout the island, but in most areas it averages about 80 degrees all year round.

However, In some parts of the island, like Haleakala at 10,000 feet elevation, it can dip down as low as 32 degrees or less. So pack a pair of long pants and a sweater or sweatshirt.

Evenings can be a bit cool, so that sweater may come in handy on a sunset cruise or an evening stroll.

Maui attire is fairly casual. Most casual resort wear is appropriate, even in the fanciest restaurants. Shorts are fine in most places. I have a friend who lives here and he does not even own a pair of long pants -- and he has never gotten kicked out of any restaurant. (at least not for what he was wearing.)

If you wish to dress up, that is totally appropriate too. At any place you can see people dressed in t-shirts and shorts -- and right next to them someone dressed “to the nines.” Almost anything goes. So relax -- you're on vacation. But men -- leave your jackets and ties at home. No need for those here.

Some activities require closed-toe shoes and long pants, another good reason to pack those.

No need to pack towels most resorts supply them.

You may wish to bring snorkel gear, but note that many resorts rent gear, and there are numerous other outlets to rent cheap throughout the island. All the snorkel boats supply gear. Or you can even buy gear at dive shops or Costco, Walmart or Kmart.

Packing large items like surfboards and golf clubs can get rather expensive these days. There are many convenient and less expensive places to rent them here. Golf courses rent clubs, and there are a few good local golf club vendors that rent for less.



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