West Maui Snorkel Sail

West Maui Snorkel Sailboat tours leave right off Ka’anapali beach for snorkeling spots all along the reefs of West Maui.

These snorkel trips are the most convenient ones closest to the luxury hotels on Kaanapali Beach and all the other smaller hotels to the north all the way to the Kapalua luxury hotels.

These snorkel trips from Kaanapali Beach save visitors staying there from having to drive to other boats leaving from Maui's small boat harbors in Lahaina Town four miles from Kaanapali, or all the way to Maalaea Harbor a half hour from Kaanapali.

Large sailing catamarans are used for these boat tours from Kaanapali Beach because the catamarans are usually able to pull right up to the beach and load passengers through the beach waves and surf, which would be difficult to impossible to do in other types of boats.

These snorkeling sails specialize in finding the best snorkeling spot each day.

The location is determined by “Captain's Choice”, meaning that the captain will find the best conditions of the day for the best snorkeling.

All equipment and lessons are included - along with meals and beverages.



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