Vacations in Hawaii

Vacations in Hawaii provide Island Paradise, with perfect climate every day of the year.

Hawaii vacations are full of wonderful thing to see and do. There’s adventure and excitement at every turn -- as well as tranquility and bliss on the golden beaches with every glorious sunset.



If you are planning a trip to Hawaii,

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In the Hawaiian language, there is a saying here -- "Maui no ka oi!" -- which means: "Maui is the best!"

Click here for more info about Maui.



LANAI Island and MOLOKAI Island as Hawaii vacation destinations are often included with Maui Island, both smaller islands being only nine miles from Maui, and both linked to Maui by regular ferry service.

Both smaller islands are part of Maui County, so if you see a reference to Maui County, for example in the titles of guide books, realize that Maui County also includes Lanai Island and Molokai Island.


LANAI Island

Lanai is the least populous of the six tourist destination islands of Hawaii, with two luxury resort hotels.

Click here for more info about the Hawaiian island of LANAI.



Molokai is the least visited of the six tourist destination islands, with only one small town.

Click here for more info about the Hawaiian island of MOLOKAI.





Kauai offers a lush green tropical paradise over most of the island.

Click here for more info about the Hawaiian island of KAUAI.



Oahu is Hawaii’s most populous island, with over a million inhabitants in and around the capital city of Honolulu.

Click here for more info about the Hawaiian island of OAHU.



Big Island is the largest, and is so-called because its actual name is Hawaii, which is confusing, because it is the same as the name for all the islands as a group: Hawaii.

Click here for more info about the BIG ISLAND of HAWAII.


In addition to the six island tourist destinations listed above, Hawaii has several more islands and islets which are not tourist destinations:

NIIHAU is a Hawaiian island privately owned by the Robinson family who restrict all access to the island.

KAHOOLAWE is an uninhabited island that was used during WWII as a bombing target. Seen from Lahaina the profile has a shape similar to a humpback whale. And 'Kohola' (pronounced koh-hoh-lah) is the Hawaiian word for humpback whales that migrate to Hawaii every winter).

MOLOKINI is a small islet, the crescent-shaped rim of a volcano, between the Hawaiian islands of Maui and Kahoolawe that is a popular destination for snorkel boat trips.


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The Hawaiians say Maui No Ka Oi -- Maui is The Best!

Helping More People Vacation on Maui The Best Way.



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