Tennis on Maui

Tennis on Maui in available at many resort hotels, and several public tennis courts.

The most courts are in Kaanapali at the Royal Lahaina Ranch, which has eleven tennis courts, including a stadium court seating 3,500 spectators where professional tournaments were held in the 1970s.

Four courts are lighted for play after dark at the Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch.

The Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch offers match-making for visitors who want tennis matches with other tourists or local club members.



In winter on Maui where you choose to play tennis can make a great difference in avoiding rainy weather during winter storms from November through March.

In winter Maui’s two high mountains shield its west and south resort areas from the numerous winter storms that come from the northeast, resulting in near-ideal tennis weather in winter in the beach resorts of Kaanapali or Wailea and Makena.

In winter on Maui at other areas not sheltered from storms by Maui's two mountains, there is a grater chance of scheduled tennis matches getting rained out.


Unlike winter, in summer you can choose to play tennis in any areas of Maui, because they all have ideal weather in the Maui summer.

However, summer trade winds are frequent and best avoided by scheduling matches in early morning stillness before the summer heat increases the strong trade winds around mid-day.


Tennis Courts & Tennis Clubs in Maui


WEST MAUI Tennis Courts


• Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch

With a Private Club - Accepts Non-Members


• Sheraton Tennis Courts

• Hyatt Regency Tennis Center

• Kapalua Tennis Garden


Public Courts in West Maui

• Lahaina Civic Center Tennis Courts near Kaanapali

• Shigesh Wakida Courts in Lahaina


SOUTH MAUI Tennis Courts


• Wailea Tennis Club

• Makena Tennis Club

• Four Seasons Resort


Public Courts in South Maui

• Kalama Park in Kihei



ROYAL LAHAINA TENNIS RANCH in Kaanapali in West Maui.

SHERATON TENNIS in Kaanapali in West Maui.

HYATT TENNIS in Kaanapali in West Maui.

KAPALUA TENNIS at Kapalua Resort in West Maui.

KAPALUA TENNIS VIDEO -- (click on tennis option)

WAILEA TENNIS CLUB in Wailea in South Maui.

FOUR SEASONS TENNIS in Wailea in South Maui.

MAKENA TENNIS at the Makena Resort in South Maui.


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