Sunset in Hawaii Described by Mark Twain

Sunset in Hawaii was described by Mark Twain in his book Following the Equator [1897]:

We had a sunset of a very fine sort.

The vast plain of the sea was marked off in bands of sharply-contrasted colors:

great stretches of dark blue, others of purple, others of polished bronze;

the billowy mountains showed all sorts of dainty browns and greens, blues and purples and blacks,

and the rounded velvety backs of certain of them made one want to stroke them, as one would the sleek back of a cat.

The long, sloping promontory projecting into the sea at the west turned dim and leaden and spectral,

then became suffused with pink--dissolved itself in a pink dream, so to speak, it seemed so airy and unreal.

Presently the cloud-rack was flooded with fiery splendors, and these were copied on the surface of the sea,

and it made one drunk with delight to look upon it.


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