Road to Hana

The Road to Hana leads you to see the tropical rainforest of Maui, and then on to the Hana ranchland area at the remote east end of Maui.

The route to Hana takes you along the Hana Highway, which narrows down into the infamous winding 'Road to Hana' -- with over 600 curves and 50 one-lane bridges -- as you pass through the green tropical rain forest covering the east side of Haleakala mountain on Maui.

Along the way you will see spectacular views from cliffs high above the ocean.

When it rains, especially in winter, you will pass streams rushing over waterfalls.

To see this tropical rainforest of Maui, which is the main attraction of the Road to Hana, you do not need to drive all the way to the town of Hana. You can drive along the Road to Hana enjoying the spectacular scenery for half an hour or so, and then turn around and head back -- to spare yourself the arduous driving slowly on a continuously winding road all the way to Hana Town, a six hour round trip.

You can go halfway along the Road to Hana to the village of Wailua with its taro patches.

At the end of a three hour drive (one way) along this winding road to Hana lies the small town of Hana, amid beautiful and serene ranch land.

Many people continue beyond Hana to swim in the pools of the Oheo Gulch in the Kipahulu district of Halealaka National Park -- where you can also hike to see Waimoku Falls, a waterfall 400 feet high.


A Guided Tour to Hana will save you from having to drive to Hana Town yourself, a round-trip drive of over a hundred miles taking six hours plus. On this tour you can relax on the way there in a tour van or bus and enjoy the scenery.

Guided Tour to Hana

Road to Hana Video

Hana Road Highlights

Map of the Road to Hana

Tropical vegetation described by Mark Twain

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