Music of Maui

Music of Maui:

Brother Iz singing about Maui the Hawaiian Superman -- link to buy "Maui Hawaiian Sup'pa Man"


‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ sung by Brother Iz on his album Facing Future

Willie K Live at Hapas



Raised on Maui, Willie Kahaiali’i ("kah-high-ah-lee-ee") experienced the music business first hand. His father, one of the most respected Hawaiian musicians, recruited Willie by the age of 11 to play in his band.

[The following is adapted from a review on by Matthew S. of Willie K Live at Hapas]:

"While living in Maui, I was lucky enough to catch this brilliant musician. His show was never the same. He'd take requests from the crowd, and do scintillating versions of Alanis Morissette's Hand In My Pocket, and his own hilarious take on a Willie Nelson song "On The Road Again."

His version of Alanis' Hand In My Pocket was speeded up about twice as fast as her version. The crowd would get into it with him, singing along. He'd switch from acoustic, to electric guitar - at one point playing the guitar Jimi Hendrix style with his teeth - or behind his back... he even did the harmonica part at the end... Talent like that doesn't come around very often...

If you do happen to make it to Maui sometime, I do recommend seeking him out. You will not regret it."

Kahaiali’i -- by Willie Kahaiali’i

The Uncle in Me -- by Willie K

Nostalgia -- by Willie K

Willie Kalikimaka (Christmas) -- by Willie K

A Hawaiian Christmas -- by Amy Hanaialii (hah-nigh-ah-lee-ee)

Hanaiali’i -- by Amy Hanaialii & Willie K

Hawaiian Tradition, by Amy Hanaialii (hah-nigh-ah-lee-ee)

Aumakua -- by Amy Hanaialii (hah-nigh-ah-lee-ee)

Puuhonua -- by Amy Hanaialii (hah-nigh-ah-lee-ee)

Generation Hawaii -- by Amy Hanaialii

Amy Hanaialii: Friends and Family of Hawaii

Home in the Islands -- Henry Kapono

Live Duke’s on Sunday -- Henry Kapono

The Wild Hawaiian -- Henry Kapono

Stand in the Light -- Henry Kapono

Thirty Years of Friends -- Cecilio & Kapono

Hawaiian Nights -- Cecilio & Kapono

Kawaipunahele -- Kealii Reichel

Lei Halia -- Kealii Reichel

Kamahiwa -- The Kealii Reichel Collection

Maui, by Hapa

The song The Last Resort by the Eagles on their album Hotel California contains the lyrics "We could leave it all behind, Sail to Lahaina." and "Call some place paradise, Kiss it good-by."



Slack key refers to the altered tunings of the acoustic guitar that are unique to the musical heritage of Hawai'i.

Below are links to view and hear or buy the music on

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters Volume 1

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters Collection 2

Slack Key Guitar

Slack Key Guitar - Volume 2 (2003) - GRAMMY AWARD WINNING ALBUM -

Slack Key Guitar Volume 2 won the first ever Best Hawaiian Music Album Grammy at the 47th Annual Grammy Awards!

Slack Key Guitar Volume 2

Amy Hanaialii & the Slack Key Masters

That’s Slack Key Guitar A Documentary Film

Maiui on My Mind, by Jeff Peterson

Maui's Favorite Songs, by Nathan Aweau

Maui Medly, by Oceans Apart

Rolling Down to Old Maui, by Stan Rogers

Rolling Down to Old Maui, by The Revels



Below are links to view or buy the music on

The song My Maui is sung in Hawaiian on this recording by Gary Velasco with Kalei de la Cruz. It has been a favorite of performers on Maui for many years.

Songs to Remember Hana Maui by John Pi'llani Watkins & his Heavenly Hawaiians -- beautiful original mele hula compostions from the 1950's.



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The Hawaiians say Maui No Ka Oi -- Maui is The Best!

Helping More People Vacation on Maui The Best Way.



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