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In this ongoing celebration, the Maui Arts & Cultural Center features art-house films every Wednesday (and sometimes Friday) evening at 5 and 7:30 PM, accompanied by live music, dining, and poetry in the Candlelight Café & Cinema.

In summer, an international weeklong festival attracts big-name celebrities to Maui for cinema under the stars. [from Fodor’s review]

The stars — both Hollywood and in the sky — always come out for the Maui Film Festival. Great movies, star gazing, Taste of Chocolate and Taste of Wailea are just part of the festivities. [from Honolulu Advertiser article]

Past honorees include Joan Allen, Adrien Brody, Pierce Brosnan, Tim Burton, Claire Danes, Geena Davis, Zooey Deschanel, Clint Eastwood, Jake Gyllenhaal, Helen Hunt, William Hurt, Mike Myers and many more film artists known for social involvement as well as their award-winning work on screen. [from Maui News article]

Link to Maui Film Festival.




Hawaii to the Max: MAUI, the Big Island, Oahu and Kauai

2007 NR 83 minutes


MAUI, the Big Island, Oahu and Kauai are the stops on this spectacular tour of Hawaii, hosted by travel expert and NPR favorite Rudy Maxa.

The savvy traveler begins in MAUI, where he finds majestic waterfalls.

On the Big Island, Maxa peers into an active volcano from a helicopter. At Pearl Harbor, Maxa revisits World War II history. And in Kauai, he hikes the Waimea Canyon and finds traditional Hawaiian villages.

Link to movie Hawaii to the Max on Netflix.


Travel with Kids: Hawaii: The Islands of MAUI and Molokai

2006 NR


Hawaii has so much to offer that the Roberts family returns for another visit -- this time to the verdant isles of MAUI and Molokai -- in the acclaimed series designed for globetrotting families.

On this educational vacation, the Roberts clan learns how the Hawaiian Islands were formed and gets an overview of Polynesian history before sampling dishes at an authentic luau, snorkeling off Lanai and visiting a macadamia nut farm.

Link to movie Travel with Kids on Maui at Netflix.




The Devil at 4 o'clock


SPENCER TRACY stars in this disaster flick as a priest on a South Seas island who's about to retire. Three convicts (FRANK SINATRA, Gregoire Aslan and Bernie Hamilton) agree to help the priest finish the chapel at the island's hospital for children with leprosy. But when a huge earthquake erupts, all the island's inhabitants flee, leaving Tracy, Sinatra and company to escort the lepers to the last evacuation boat before it departs at 4:00 sharp.

This movie shot in 1961 on the Hawaiian island of Maui shows what Lahaina Town looked like in 1961 in the area around the Pioneer Inn and the Courthouse next to it [before the tourism boom began on Maui when Kaanapali resort was built in the mid-sixties].

Today you can see a poster for this movie hanging in the historic Pioneer Inn in Lahaina.

Link to movie The Devil at 4 o'clock at Netflix.



2010 NR

Clint Eastwood directs this supernatural thriller about three very different people and their responses to death, including a hesitant American psychic named George (Matt Damon) who may be able to help the others find answers and peace. Marie (Cécile De France) is a French journalist caught up in the aftereffects of the devastating 2004 tsunami, while in London, young Marcus (Frankie McLaren) seeks to contact his deceased twin brother.

The movie follows three characters: a blue-collar American, a French journalist and a London school boy, who are all trying to discover what may happen in the afterlife after being touched by death.

The movie stars Matt Damon but, unfortunately for him, he isn't in any of the Hawaii shots.

Clint Eastwood staged a disaster in Hawaii for his movie filmed on Maui in the town of Lahaina.

The Maui scenes, filmed on Lahaina's Front St, open the film and follow actress Cecile De France as she heads out to do some shopping when a tsunami hits. But, instead of flooding the streets of Maui to complete the scenes, the wall of water was added later through CGI and the underwater scenes completed in London.

While shooting the film on Maui in Lahaina, hundreds of onlookers lined Front St while more than 60 extras ran from the "tsunami." It's not surprising that there were more on-lookers than actors on hand, considering this was the biggest production to hit Maui in nearly 20 years, since Exit to Eden was filmed on Maui and Lanai in 1993.

Link to movie Hereafter at Netflix.


"Just Go With It."


Colombia Pictures

Starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston

Filmed on Maui at resort hotels in Wailea in 2010

It casts Sandler as an unmarried Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and Aniston as a single mom who works as his assistant.

According to a Columbia Studios synopses, Sandler's character usually wears a wedding ring to avoid long-term commitments with the women he meets. The plan backfires when he encounters the woman of his dreams, played by Brooklyn Decker.

When she presses him to explain the ring, he concocts a pretend wife he's about to divorce, enlisting Aniston to play the role. But before you can say "punch line," the doctor is backed into taking the wife and "their" kids on the Hawaiian vacation they've always dreamed of.

Many Maui locals appear in the movie as extras [whose job label has evolved from "extra" to "background"] playing "Bikini girls" and people with other specialties, like hula dancers, and also "high-end resort patrons" sitting around the pool, enjoying a luau, eating in a restaurant and doing the other things people do on Maui vacations.


Exit to Eden

1994 R

When Elliot (Paul Mercurio) goes to a sex resort on the island of Eden to live out his submissive fantasies, he falls in love with dominatrix Lisa (Dana Delany), the headmistress of the island -- who, much to her own surprise, returns his affections. Meanwhile, diamond smugglers and two detectives (ROSIE O'DONNELL and DAN AYKROYD) are after Elliot because he possesses the only existing photographs of the smugglers at work.

This movie shot in 1994 on the Hawaiian islands of Lanai and Maui shows what the privately owned island of Lanai looked like in 1994. Maui resident Mike Sobel got his start in the movies when he was asked by director Garry Marshall to play tennis nude! [in the movie]

This movie is on some lists of THE WORST MOVIES of all time.

Link to movie Exit to Eden at Netflix.


Molokai: The Story of Father Damien

2000 NR 112 minutes

In 19th-century Hawaii, lepers are exiled to the island of Molokai and left to fend for themselves without any outside assistance -- until a courageous priest named Father Damien (David Wenham) risks his own life to help ease their suffering. Although he's shunned by his church's greedy elders, Father Damien inspires others to reach out to the residents of Molokai. PETER O'TOOLE, SAM NEILL and DEREK JACOBI co-star in this inspiring biopic.

This movie was shot in 2000 in Hawaii on the Maui county island of Molokai.

Link to movie Molokai: The Story of Father Damien at Netflix.


Maui Pilates

2007 NR 55 minutes

Combine the rush of Pilates with the natural splendor of Maui, and you've got a great tropical workout from trainer Eva Bondar. As waves crash in the background, Bondar demonstrates moves aimed at building abdominal strength and improving posture. With an emphasis on careful warm-up and a train-don't-strain approach to abdominal moves, Bondar's workout works overtime to establish a strong connection between mind and body.

Link to movie Maui Pilates at Netflix.


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