Maui is one of the six major tourist destination islands of Hawaii.

In the Hawaiian language, there is a saying here -- "Maui no ka oi!" -- which means: "Maui is the best!"

And I agree.

Maui is also called The Valley Isle because its two high mountains are flanked by many valleys [with streams the ancient Hawaiians lived along where they could grow their basic food taro.]

Maui’s two high mountains shield its west and south coast from the numerous winter storms that come from the northeast, resulting in perfect weather in the beach areas called Kaanapali and Wailea.

Maui vacations are enjoyed by over two million people per year.

Maui No Ka Oi

Maui truly is the best!



LANAI Island and MOLOKAI Island as Hawaii vacation destinations are often included with Maui Island, both smaller islands being only nine miles from Maui, and both linked to Maui by regular ferry service.

Both smaller islands are part of Maui County, so if you see a reference to Maui County, for example in the titles of guide books, realize that Maui County also includes Lanai Island and Molokai Island.


Reasons Why Maui is the Best.


PRONOUNCING HAWAIIAN NAMES is easier than it looks.

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The Hawaiians say Maui No Ka Oi -- Maui is The Best!

Helping More People Vacation on Maui The Best Way.



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