Hawaii Is Ideal Says Mark Twain

Hawaii Is Ideal Says Mark Twain in his book Following the Equator, as he reaffirms his opinion formed on an earlier visit when the Hawaiian Islands were still called The Sandwich Islands:


The Sandwich Islands remain my ideal of the perfect thing in the matter of tropical islands.

I would add another story (in height) to Mauna Loa's 16,000 feet if I could, and make it particularly bold and steep and craggy and forbidding and snowy;

and I would make the volcano spout its lava-floods out of its summit instead of its sides;

but aside from these non-essentials I have no corrections to suggest.

I hope these will be attended to;

I do not wish to have to speak of it again.


(Note: Sandwich Islands was the name given to the Hawaiian Islands by explorer Captain James Cook in the 1770s. It was in use until the 1840s, when the name "Hawaii" gradually began to take precedence.)


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