Hana Road Highlights


This is a quick overview of the Hana Road Highlights. It is not to be used as a guide to read on your journey nor can it replace an audio guide. But it is a good thing to take a look at before you go to see what you may want to see along the way.



Purchase a Road to Hana CD

Leave as early as possible. 7 – 8 am is the ideal time to head out.

Wear comfortable shoes and take bathing suits & beach towels.

Pack picnic lunch with snacks and drinks to last the day.

Don’t leave valuables unattended in your vehicle.

Don’t park in any private driveways.

Be extremely aware of flash flood areas, or streams that may rise.

Pick up a can of bug spray for the trip.

The road has many curves and turns – 617 hairpin turns and 56 one lane bridges.

You may want to pick up motion medication if anyone in your party gets car sick. Ginger or mint are natural ways to settle a queasy stomach.

It takes between three and four hours to make the journey to Hana, expect the round trip to take a full day.


PAIA TOWN – The “Gateway to Hana.”

This little hippie, “surfer dude” spot is one of Maui’s historic plantation towns.

Visit the quaint boutique shops and numerous eateries.

Have breakfast at Charley’s which is owned by Willie Nelson.

If you haven’t already purchased a Road to Hana CD or packed a lunch, get them here. Make sure your bellies are full and your gas tank is full before you leave. It’s your last chance to get any food or drink before you get to Hana, except for a few fruit stands along the way.





Pull over at the Twin Fall Fruit Stand – it’s on the right side of the road. Get some of the best banana bread and taste some yummy fresh fruit. Sample the coconut candy and enjoy the sweet sugar cane juice.

There you will start a short hike back to two (twin) waterfalls.


MILE MARKERS start over at mile 0 (at the intersection of routes 365 and 360).


*0.6 miles past mile marker 9

WAIKAMOI RIDGE TRAIL – A half- mile nature walk through trees, bamboo and ferns with scenic picnic table overlooks.


*A quarter mile past mile marker 10

GARDEN OF EDEN ARBORETUM AND BOTANICAL GARDEN – Over 26 acres of Maui’s finest Nature Trails; trees, flowers & foliage in a unique & natural setting. Open 8am to 3pm daily.


*Mile marker 11

PUOHOKOMOA FALLS – 20 foot waterfall just a few feet off Hana Hwy. There is a sheltered picnic area beside the falls and one other waterfall just minutes upstream.


*Just past mile marker 12

KAUMAHINA STATE WAYSIDE PARK – Restrooms, picnic shelter, costal views.


*Access Road, 1 mile past mile marker 14

HONOMANU BAY – Here you will discover a Black sand beach.


*0.8 miles past mile marker 16

KEANAE ARBORETUM – Halfway to Hana! There are two 15 minute easy walking trails with views of Hana’s rugged Coastline.


*Just before mile marker 17

KEANAE VILLAGE – Hawaiian Village, taro fields, missionary church and swimming area. Walk down gravel road, and then swim upstream 50 yards to small falls and large pool.


*Mile marker 17

KEANAE LOOKOUT – Overlooking Keanae Peninsula – Check out the Lookout points over Keanae’s taro fields.


HALF WAY TO HANA STORE – Uncle Harry’s Fruit Stand, restrooms and snacks. A great place to stop and get some local fresh fruit. Have them crack open a coconut or buy a painted one to send a message home.


*0.9 Miles past mile marker 18

WAILUA VALLEY LOOKOUT - Beautiful vistas up the valley.


*0.2 Miles past mile marker 19

WAILUA PENINSULA LOOKOUT – Lookout over taro fields and jungle.


*0.6 Miles past mile marker 22

PUA’A KA’A STATE WAYSIDE PARK – Look at the quiet stream, small waterfall and pools. Restrooms and picnic spots.


*Just past mile marker 31


CAVES - Take a self guided tour into a real lava tube.

HANA AIRPORT - a small airport that services small and private airlines, helicopters and a glider company.

PI’ILANIHALE HEIAU – Largest Heiau in Polynesia was used for worship as well as sacrifice. The Heiau dates back to the 13th century and the stone platform is 340 feet by 415 feet, covering almost 2 acres.


*Just past mile marker 32

WAINAPANAPA STATE PARK– Explore caves and visit Hana’s famous Black Sand beach. Stroll the coastal walkway with ocean vistas. Rustic cabins are available for rent. Campgrounds for tents can also be found here. Restrooms and picnic tables are available.


* 0.3 Miles past mile marker 33

HELANI GARDENS –Entrance on right, 20 minutes drive through 70 acres of Botanical gardens. Open by appointment only, call 248-8274. Restrooms and picnic spots are available.


HANA BAY– Turn left onto Keawa Place just before Hotel Hana Maui. Beautiful sandy beach, restrooms, picnic areas, snacks.


HANA CULTURAL CENTER AND MUSEUM – Turn right when leaving Hana Bay, it’s located on the lower road overlooking Hana Bay.


HOTEL HANA MAUI – Hotel Hana Maui is Hana’s premier luxury resort.This elegant Gem blends old style grace and tradition with natural beauty. Stop in for lunch or just have a look around.


KAIHALULU BEACH – Red sand beach. Parking is at the corner of Uakea & Hauoli Roads. The trail begins at the Sea Ranch Cottages. Trail is advanced and should be hiked with extreme caution on loose gravel.


FYI - All MILE MARKERS start counting down after Hana Town.


HAMOA BEACH– Turn left onto Haneo’o Road, 1.5 miles past Hana. White sand beach is 0.6 mile down the road.


*Mile marker 45


200-foot cascading falls about 7 miles past Hana. There is a pull out area on the other side of the bridge past the falls.


*Mile marker 42


This national park boasts a spectacular group of waterfalls. There are more than 7, they are not sacred and you can swim in them. Pay $10 per car entrance fee and park your car. There are outhouses and dressing rooms set up for your convenience. Walk up to the trail and make your way down to 3 of the pools that empty into the ocean. Here you can take a dip in the freezing cold waters and look up to view the many more pools that are across the road and up the hillside.


Go across the street to reach the trailhead. Approximately 2-mile hike through a bamboo forest to the 400-foot Waimuki Falls. One of Maui’s tallest waterfall.



Exotic tropical fruit-tasting. Take a tour of the farm and sample a delicious variety of fresh organic tropical fruits, chocolate and coffee. Tours are Monday through Friday at 1:30pm. Reservations required.



One mile past Ohe’o Gulch at Ho’omau Church.



Experience ancient Hawaii on horseback. Take this unique cultural and historical ride deep into the natural beauty of the lush rainforest that is only easily accessible on horseback. Ride up the backside of Halaeakala Crater and take in breathtaking views of Waimuki Falls, one of Maui’s tallest waterfall, dropping more than 400 feet. Reservations are required in advance.



You need to decide if you wish to continue around on this next section of the road or turn around and return in the direction that you came. If you decide to continue you need to know that the next stretch (for about 14 miles) is unpaved and winding.

Some car rentals do not allow cars to go here unless you have a jeep. Check with your car rental company and review your contract.

After the unpaved section the road is still a bit bumpy with pot holes and then it straightens out passing through the Ulapalakua Ranch and eventually turns into the Haleakala highway.

It provides a different view and a faster route back home. The road overall is less winding and you get some sweeping open views of the ocean and, if the weather is clear, a view of the back side of the Haleakala crater.



Don’t miss a stop at this unique organic fruit and coffee stand. Step up and blend your own smoothie with the power generated from your efforts on the bicycle blender. This area of Kipahulu has no electricity. So jump on the bike hooked up to the blender and peddle your chosen concoction into a smooth tropical delight. Enjoy the smooth rich local coffee in the “bamboo circle” Sit at the community table carved from a large tree stump encircled by a grove of bamboo trees. A nice place to stop and “talk story” with a local or ponder which direction to take continuing on your journey.



Small store with an array of goods . Stop in to take a break and get a snack. Take a step back in time and check out an old style general store. Restroom available.



Pass by Maui’s only winery nestled into the slopes of the beautiful Ulapalakua Ranch. Open 9-5 daily it may be closed by the time you pass. This small family winery is the best vineyard west of Napa Valley and east of Australia. In fact, it is the only winery. It is, however, the home of Splash - the famous pineapple wine. It is a pretty area with gorgeous foliage and there is a small general store with snacks and sundries if you need to take a break before you continue on your way.



This little gem is often closed by the time you pass. Open 7am to 5pm. This roadside oasis serves yummy treats and delicious organic Halaekala grown coffee. Worth a visit on another day you when visiting upcountry Maui.


The road continues along on the Halaeakala highway bypassing the Towns of Makawoa, Pukalani and Paia. All places you could stop off for a bite to eat before you head home to your accommodations.


By then you will have “Survived the Road to Hana.”


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