First Trip to Maui

If this is your First Trip to Maui you will discover that Maui is an island that has

something for everyone.

An adventurer's mecca as well as a quiet paradise where you can escape to rejuvenate and relax.

You may want to do a bit of exploring.

Enjoy Maui's tropical rainforest and gardens.

Visit quaint local towns.

Climb the heights of a mountainous Volcano.

Hike into the lush valley of another volcano.

Or get out on a boat, sailing leisurely along the coast line or snorkeling the clear waters abundant with sea life.

Or maybe you just want to lounge under the sun on Maui's golden sand beaches.

Maui has it all.


I suggest you set up a few activities before you arrive.

Some activities sell out way in advance, and it is important you reserve ahead of time to ensure you get what you want,when you want. Especially during high seasons (Holidays, Summer and January to May).

But off-season can be difficult for getting activities as well. Some activity vendors use that time to prepare for busier times and operate on a limited schedule only certain days. Some boats take advantage of this time to paint and repair. So as a result they may not be available.

During the off-season it is possible that some activity may be sold out one day, but then not have enough people to go the next, and on another day may be closed for maintenance -- so as a result that activity is not available for you while you are on island.

Better to reserve something now and cancel later then to wait until you arrive or until the day before and not be able to get a reservation. Most activities have 24 or 48 hour cancellation policies. This will allow you to book in advance but still have some flexibility.

There are a couple of ways you can arrange this ahead of time.

At the larger hotels, you can contact the hotel Concierge (pronounced "kohn-see-EHRZH").

Concierges are very knowledgeable and are capable of setting up reservations in advance. They specialize in all things Maui and can assist in custom-building your itinerary .

Concierges usually have the most up-to-date information about the goings-on on Maui. What they don't know they know where to find out. They spend time researching and actually experiencing the activities and sampling restaurants in order to better serve you. This really is one of the best ways to get the most accurate information on the island.

Concierges are a free service available to you through most resort hotels on Maui, and they do not mark up the price of anything. Sometimes the bigger resorts have some discounts with activity vendors they do a lot of business with.


If you are not staying at a smaller resort hotel or condo-hotel that does not have a lobby Concierge, I suggest you go to any hotel that does have a Concierge and utilize their services. As I mentioned before there is no charge for their service, but it is customary to tip your Concierge.





GETTING AROUND ON MAUI involves a choice among Maui Transportation options, some of which are best decided upon and arranged in advance before leaving home.


PRONOUNCING PLACE NAMES on Maui can be difficult.

Link to First Trip web page of the Hawaii Visitors' Bureau.


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The Hawaiians say Maui No Ka Oi -- Maui is The Best!

Helping More People Vacation on Maui The Best Way.



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