Dive Boat Tour

Dive Boat Tours are available on Maui to take you to the best scuba diving locations.

Dive shops, boat companies, and beachfront resorts offer dive options of many different varieties.

Explore the wonders of the underwater world of Maui, which offers some of the best diving locations in crystal clear waters.

View living reefs of beautiful coral teeming with colorful fish found nowhere else in the world.

The dive opportunities on Maui include boat dives, beach dives, manta ray dives, turtle dives, and even a dive down to a sunken ship.

You can take an organized dive trip on a dive boat out to selected dive spots. Choose from large boats, speed boats or even zodiac rafts -- usually run by dive shops or dive companies that specialize in multi-tank dives for certified divers.

The two top dive destinations are Lanai and Molokini.

MOLOKINI is a small crescent-shaped island with crystal clear waters and different areas to explore. More advanced divers can dive the backwall of Molokini.

LANAI is a larger island surrounded by a live reef and excellent dives spots to choose from. Some well-known dive spots around Lanai are Cathedrals 1 and 2, Lighthouse Point, and many others.

With diving conditions affected by wind and waves, most dive boats cannot guarantee a particular spot, never promising exactly where they will take you. But they do guarantee the best conditions of the day with the best visibility.

Most boats do a two tank dive. The deepest dive is first. Then a surface interval, serving high-carb foods. Finally, a second shallower dive in a different spot.

More advanced or avid divers can choose to do 3-4 tank dives.

A few snorkel boats even offer a dive option at an additional charge -- so that mixed groups of divers and snorkelers can spend their time together enjoying fun, food and adventure.

You can even rent tanks and gear from a dive shop and do a dive off one of the many beaches they recommend.

Most resorts and some dive companies offer Intro Dives for those that have never done a dive before or for those that have not been certified. The resorts often begin with a pool session so that everyone can learn the basics in a controlled comfortable environment. Once everyone is briefed and familiar with the equipment, they head for the beach for an actual dive in the ocean. First-time divers can experience the magic of the sea in a new and exciting way, in a whole new underwater world to explore and enjoy.


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Order book: 'Diver's Guide to Maui', by Charles Thorne

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