Books about Kauai

Books about Kauai Island in Hawaii include pictures and information about Kauai, one of the major Hawaiian Islands you might visit before or after a trip to Maui.


Kauai: Images of the Garden Island, by Douglas Peebles

Reflections of Kauai, by Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi

Hawaii Dreamscapes Revealed - Kauai, by Andrew Doughty

Kauai Restaurants, by Robert Carpenter

Best Easy Day Hikes Hawaii: Kauai, by Suzanne Swedo

Kauai Trails: Walks, Strolls, and Treks on the Garden Island, by Kathy Morey

Snorkel Kauai, by Judy Malinowski

Kauai: 100 Years in Postcards, by Stormy Cozad

Waking Up in Eden, by Lucinda Fleeson

Kauai: The Separate Kingdom, by Edward Joesting

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The Hawaiians say Maui No Ka Oi -- Maui is The Best!

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