Bike Down a Mountain

Bike Down a Mountain on Maui:

You can bike down a volcano!

One of the easiest bike trips you'll ever take - it's all downhill.

Maui’s highest mountain, called Haleakala, which means House of the Sun, has a road between the summit at 10,000 feet elevation and the sea shore.

Coast down 38 miles of panoramic one-of-a-kind scenery.

This downhill bike ride is one of the most popular activities on Maui.

An experience of a lifetime!


You can bike down Haleakala mountain in two ways -- bicycle tours that are guided or unguided:

1. GUIDED TOURS are led by a guide on a bike.

A van picks you up at your hotel and takes a dozen passengers to the National Park at the summit of Haleakala. There you will view the lunar-like landscape of the largest dormant volcano in the world.

On a sunrise trip you can take in the view at the first light of dawn. You will marvel at the spectacular views and amazing terrain as the sunlight dances and plays among the ever-changing cloud formations.

Your downhill bike journey begins back at the entrance of the Park, at 6,500 feet up the volcano.

You will be guided down the slopes by a guide in front on a bike.

The van follows behind to keep traffic at bay so that you can comfortably ride down the center of the right-hand lane. The van will carry all your belongings so that you can access your camera, water and snacks.

Wind your way down the highest mountain on Maui, stopping to take pictures and to take in the views down to the sea.

At the base of Haleakala Mountain a van picks you up and brings you back to your hotel.

These guided tours are scheduled at two times:

SUNRISE TOUR - 2:00am till approx. 11:30am

DAY TOUR - 7:00am till approx. 4:00pm 




2. UNGUIDED TOURS let you ride without a guide.

You can rent bikes from some companies that will take you and a bike by van to the summit at scheduled times.

You provide your own transportation to the bike shop, and they supply the gear and maps and the van ride to the top of the Crater to view the sunrise or daylight vistas.

Then they take you back to the park entrance where you begin riding down the mountain on your own. Take this trip at your own pace and meet back at the bike shop to return the equipment when your trip is done.

These unguided tours may be better-suited for experienced riders who would prefer a less-structured ride.


All companies provide bikes built with motorcycle drum brakes for this downhill terrain. All supply regulation helmets. Some of the companies provide gloves and wind jackets and pants.


Prepare for cold weather. It gets down to 32 degrees F. (0 degrees C.) Layer your clothing. You can peel off your layers and stay comfortable as you descend and the weather gets warmer.

You must wear closed-toe shoes to ride.

Age and height restrictions apply. All riders must be 4’10” tall, and most companies allow only riders 12 years and older.



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