Beachfront Hotels in Central Maui

Beachfront Hotels in Central Maui are on the windward north shore, and between Lahaina/Kaanapali on the west and Kihei/Wailea on the south shores.

Central Maui is more exposed to wind and rain than the two major resort areas of West Maui and South Maui, both of which are more sheltered from weather behind Maui's two mountains.

As a result, there are relatively few hotels in Central Maui.

However, the few hotels in Central Maui are close to the airport and the surfing areas on the North Shore, as well as near the shopping center of Kahului.

Three of the beachfront condo-hotels in central Maui are in Maalaea halfway between the major resort areas of Lahaina/Kaanapali and Kehei/Wailea. So Maalaea is in a great location for driving to all parts of the island.

Maalaea is something of a wind tunnel, especially during the summer trade-winds or winter storms, but these three beachfront condo-hotels are at the less-windy end of Maalaea, and face away from the wind.

Two of the beachfront hotels in central Maui are on Kahului Harbor, which may contain polluted harbor water that might make swimming in the ocean inadvisable there. These two hotels in Kahului may be used more by businessmen doing business in Kahului, rather than vacationers.



INN AT MAMA'S FISH HOUSE -- VIDEO -- on Maui's North Shore is convenient to surfing locations.

HONO KAI condo-hotel in Maalaea in Central Maui.

MAKANI A KAI condo-hotel in Maalaea in Central Maui.

KANAI A NALU condo-hotel in Maalaea in Central Maui.

MAUI BEACH HOTEL on Kahului Harbor near the airport.

MAUI SEASIDE HOTEL on Kahului Harbor near the airport.

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