Aquarium on Maui

The Aquarium on Maui is located at the Maui Ocean Center, located in central Maui at Maalea Harbor.

This tropical menagerie provides a glimpse of Hawaii’s undersea world, without you getting wet.

An opportunity to see and learn about the habitat and behaviors of local sea life.

View an array of one of the largest collections of tropical fish indigenous to Hawaii.

Spend a couple of hours observing and learning about the many different fish and sea creatures that inhabit the warm waters of Hawaii.

Visit the sea turtles that are exhibited in an outdoor aquarium.

See the rescued sharks that are recovering from injuries and being prepared for release back into the wild.

Stop by the outdoor pond exhibits where experts will give you an opportunity to safely touch some underwater creatures.

Check out the Humpback Whale exhibit and learn about these gentle giants that are born here in Hawaii and spend the winter frolicking in the warm waters before they migrate to Alaska to spend the summer.

Uncover some of the whale mysteries and learn some interesting facts while playing interactive games.

Watch in amazement as trained divers feed an array of Hammerhead, Nurse, Reef and Tiger sharks as well as Spotted Eagle Rays and Giant Manta Rays as they swim majestically in an enormous tank.

The aquarium even offers certified dives during feeding hours, which is a one-of-a-kind adventure.

And for the grand finale. stroll through the giant glass tunnel, as the various sea creatures surround you -- and majestically swim over and all around you.

The Maui Ocean Center is open every day.

Self guided audio tours available.

Wheelchair accessible.

Afterwards you can visit the gift shop and restaurant.



MAUI OCEAN CENTER aquarium in Maalaea on Maui.

MAUI OCEAN CENTER -- VIDEO -- aquarium in Maalaea on Maui.

Franko's Maui Reef Creatures Guide (fish card)

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